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Interior and exterior renovations of villas, apartments and cottages

Building rehabilitation and reinforced concrete restoration
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Perchè scegliere Ferrini Construction

New buildings

Construction of residential properties and direct sales at competitive prices.

Perchè scegliere Ferrini Construction


Complete interventions of building renovation and facades of villas and condominiums.

Perchè scegliere Ferrini Construction


Building renovation and restoration of reinforced concrete.

Ferrini Construction

The Ferrini construction company specializes in the construction of interior and exterior renovation works for villas, apartments, condominiums and cottages.

It deals with the laying of wood and stone cladding and flooring, guaranteeing high-level finishes. The company operates throughout the territory of the island of Elba and offers customized solutions for the construction and maintenance of civil, commercial and industrial buildings.

Residential real estate

The Ferrini construction company carries out waterproofing works on roofs and terraces with bituminous membranes. In addition, it deals with the renovation of facades of condominiums and private homes, internal renovations and laying of terracotta and natural stone floors and walls.

The constant professional updating process, the highly qualified staff and the use of new generation materials and working techniques, allows the construction of masonry works in line with modern standards of modern construction.

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If you are looking for a new home, the Ferrini Construction company is your best solution. Specialized in the construction of residential properties, the company offers real estate consultancy services and direct sales of houses and apartments.

Moreover, thanks to the collaboration with reference banks at national level, it is able to offer complete assistance for choosing the mortgage that best suits your specific needs.

Are you looking for a new apartment?
Do you want to rent a residential property?

Trust the Ferrini construction company and discover all the solutions available to you. It offers newly built apartments with direct sales and offers specialized advice for mortgages.

If you are looking for an apartment for rent or you want to buy a new house, entrust yourself to the construction company Ferrini Construction and discover all the solutions available to you.

The company offers the possibility, during construction, to choose any internal finishes of the apartment you have decided to buy. In addition, for the rental of houses, it provides various solutions for every need.

Contact the company's offices and make an appointment with a real estate consultant to find out all available residential units.

Building services

The Ferrini construction company carries out complete restoration, renovation and building maintenance works.

It specializes in interior and exterior renovations of villas, apartments, condominiums, cottages.

It also deals with:
• buildings for residential, commercial and industrial use;
• new constructions and building renovations;
• restoration of reinforced concrete;
• renovation of facades and roofs in concrete and wood;
• application of thermo coat and semi coat;
• execution of excavations and earth moving.

Additional services:
• ecobonus, sismabonus and superbonus;
• energy efficiency;
• driving interventions;
• towed interventions;
• thermal coat;
• insulation;
• energy rating;
• anti-seismic adaptation;
• thermal insulation;
• air conditioning systems;
• credit transfer;
• invoice discount.

The advantages of buying from a construction company

Buying a house under construction, in addition to the economic advantage, certainly also has other advantages: for example the possibility of making changes, customizing it, etc.

CHEAPER: Buying directly from a company means saving the commission reserved for real estate agencies.
POSSIBILITY TO MODIFY THE STRUCTURE: The ability to make corrections or changes to your housing unit is one of the most significant advantages. Do you need a second bathroom, a closet, or are you interested in one or more spaces to dedicate to the living area by sacrificing the sleeping area a bit? They are all possible and inexpensive options if made when the house has yet to be built or is at the beginning of the works.
CUSTOMIZATION: You can choose a marble or parquet floor, as well as you can choose all the details that give personality to the house: color of the tiles, sanitary fixtures, interior fixtures, taps, air conditioning etc... things that could also be made in one existing house, but that would certainly cost much more.
SPACE OPTIMIZATION: A house designed and built today offers a cut without waste of square meters and more functional spaces.
READY FOR NEW TECHNOLOGIES: Generally it is already prepared for new technologies: broadband internet, optical fiber, satellite TV, photovoltaic system, controlled mechanical ventilation system, motorized shutters, air conditioning system with heat pumps, predisposition for perimeter and volumetric alarms, any home automation systems studied made to measure, etc.
ENERGY SAVING: It will cost less to heat it, in fact today's construction criteria provide for particular thermal insulation, thermal break windows, elimination of gas using alternative energy sources (photovoltaic solar panels), latest generation hydronic units with underfloor heating, etc.
ENERGY RATING: In the face of the above, our housing units are certified in A4 format.
NEW HOUSE: For years no renovations or repairs to the systems will be necessary. Everything is new therefore the serenity of not having bad surprises.
BENEFITS FIRST HOME: Even by buying from the manufacturer you can enjoy the first home benefits and pay VAT at 4% instead of 10%.


What do our customers say?

Some of our customers love us and prove it!

Very competent company, I can only say positive things, from consultancy to implementation. The estimate was respected, including the start and end times of the works. I must say that the construction site was very well organized, at the end of the day everything was always in order! I can only recommend this company to everyone.


Serious, capable, reliable company. Being equipped with many means and people, she is able to do any job. Respect commitments and times. The quotes? Always respected and if there is something to rectify or some additional work to do, you are always advised first! And this is important! And last but not least, they are kind and very nice!!


We have known Ferrini through word of mouth and I must say that it was a more than guessed choice. We have commissioned him to carry out a heavy renovation (renovation of the roof, the floors and the simultaneous raising of a floor) in a not very easy point and I must say that the comparison and collaboration have always been continuous given the distance (Florence) with which we have had to follow the work. Another aspect that should not be underestimated was the respect of the costs that had been budgeted for us, in short, I would definitely say highly recommended.


Ferrini Construction is located in Portoferraio
(Elba island)

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